About us

AILE (Association d’Initiatives Locales pour l’Energie et l’Environnement) is a local energy agency created in 1995 under the European Union’s SAVE program by ADEME Bretagne and the Cuma (Coopératives d’Utilisation de Matériels Agricoles) of the West of France. AILE is working on renewable energies and energy savings in agricultural and rural areas of Western France. AILE’s usual partners are both farmers and local authorities. Its two main missions are: 

  • non food biomass valorisation, with special focus on development of woodchips boilers and supply chain, and biogas production at different scales (farm, centralised). A new field of interest is providing support to the implementation of an energy policy at local level in rural areas.
  • diagnosis of agricultural tractor engines.

Within the framework of European programs, AILE is mandated to lead different experimentation projects in the field of renewable energies and energy management. Throughout all its actions, AILE provides support to local territories towards innovative projects based on the principle of the circular bioeconomy in favor of energy transition and in the service of the environment.

Our references

AILE has been and continues to be a partner in numerous European projects among which :

Our team

Ronan LE BOURHIS, AILE president, member of the board of FRCuma Ouest and Finistère FDcuma president.

Armelle DAMIANO, AILE director and Biogaz team manager

Adeline HAUMONT, Biogas project manager

Hugo KECH, Biogas engineer

Jeanne LENCAUCHEZ, Biogas engineer

Gary LUCARELLI, Biogas engineer

Marc LE TREIS, Wood heat team manager

Jacques BERNARD, Wood heat engineer

Antonin FLAUSSE, Wood heat engineer

Antoine QUEVREUX, Optiwood project manager

Mylène ALVAREZ, chargée de mission « Bois énergie »

Béatrice MEGRET, Communication officer

Isabelle BUSNEL, Accounting department

Linda MAILLARD, Accounting department

Contact us

General information : info@aile.asso.fr – +332 99 54 63 23

Biogas team : armelle.damiano@aile.asso.fr

Wood heat team : marc.le-treis@aile.asso.fr