AILE's missions :

- Test bench for tractors : started in 1996, this diagnosis activity aims at saving energy in farm engines. A new test bench has been purchased in 2006 and carries out a complete engine check up by determining the possible over-consumption of fuel and breaking risks. Each year, 800 to 900 tractors from western France are tested.

- Wood energy : AILE is in charge of implementing the Brittany Regional Woodfuel programme which is funded by national, regional and local authorities. This programme subsidizes woodchips boilers installations in communities, industries and farms. The programme also supports woodchips supply chains, at regional level or to farmers willing to develop local woodchips markets with hedge wood.

- Short Rotation Coppice of willow : AILE is especially working on this crop for wood fuel production and its natural capacity for purification. AILE has implemented a 4 years LIFE programme, Wilwater, from 2004 to 2007. More about Wilwater.

- Biogas : AILE is implementing the Agriculture Biogas Programme in Brittany and Loire region. This programme is funded by ADEME and Regional Councils of Brittany and Pays de la Loire. It aims at developping anaerobic digestion on the farm site or collective projects using agricultural by-products or waste.

- Territorial studies : AILE is involved in European programms on
territorial governance regarding energy. Diagnosis tools have been developped in PRACTISE programme (2007-2009) and support to communities to define and implement SEAPs with Convention of Mayors is currently developed in 100%RESCommunities.