AILE is a local energy agency created in 1995 under the European SAVE programme in partnership with ADEME of Brittany (Agency for Environment and Energy Management) and FRCUMA Ouest (Western Regional Federation of Co-operatives for the Use of Farming Engines).

Statutorily AILE (Association of Local Initiatives in the field of Energy and Environment) is a non profit association created according to the French 1901 law on non profit organizations.

AILE is working on renewable energies and energy savings in agricultural and rural areas of Western France. AILE’s usual partners are both farmers and local authorities. Its two main activities are :

- non food biomass valorisation, with special focus on Short Rotation Coppice of willow, development of woodchips boilers and supply chain, and biogas production at farm level. A new field of interest is how to implement an energy policy at local level in rural areas.

- energy savings for agricultural machinery

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