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Combine : Prototype pour la valorisation de l’herbe de bords de route

Aile went to Wales in November 2013 to see the IFBB prototype Blue Conrad (1) in operation. This equipment produces solid fuel briquettes and biogas from grass : it is a new way extracting energy out of herbaceous ressources such as roadsides verges grass or natural areas grass cuts. The prototype will be in Côtes d'Armor within Combine Interreg IVB project in November 2014.

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Un nouveau modèle pour le traitement des déchets organiques ?

Within Interreg IVB Combine Project, Aile visited a pilot plant for integrated organic waste management in Baden Baden, in Germany. The treatment site gathers a 200 000 inhabitant equivalent waste water treatment unit, 17000 tons of kitchen and food waste, and 12000 tons of green waste from the community. Thanks to several pretreatments phases and the use of produced heat directly on site, the fuel oil consumption is very low. The site produces electricity for the grid and solid fuels for the community boilers. Would it be a new model to treat organic waste in France?

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