Etudes territoriales

Assessment of solid biomass crops potential in Brittany and Loire territories

This study intents to assess sustainable production possibilities of dedicated energy crops for new generation of mixed solid biofuels (different herbaceous and woody raw materials) on Brittany and Loire Region pilot territories. The study is composed of:
  • An estimation of bioenergy potential on the base of existing technical and scientific data collection from some achieved or ongoing applied research projects
  • An assessment of the resulting environmental, societal and economic impacts of biofuel production on farming systems and territories. Different scenarios will be tested, with various foodstuff prices and policy contexts.
Etudes territoriales jpg It is implemented on two pilot territories:
  • Biomass supply area of Coopédom in Brittany Region. Coopedom’s members already implemented 300 ha of Miscanthus to feed a biomass furnace which dries fodder.
  • Biomass supply area of Cavac in Loire Region. Cavac implemented 23 ha of Miscanthus and also grows hemp and flax to produce natural insulation.
At the end, results are extrapolated to the whole Region in order to know the production potential in Brittany and Loire Regions, while respecting their respective sustainable and balanced agricultural development territories. Access for the Territory Steering Committee members - Cliquez ici

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