Le projet européen InterregIV – Combine


AILE and Cotes d'Armor County Council are involved as partners in an InterregIV project, Combine (Converting Organic Matters from European urban and natural areas into storable bio-Energy), which will be implemented from 2013 to 2015. 

COMBINE aims at opening-up of abandoned urban, natural and agricultural areas for the energy production. In the 4 partner regions, among which Brittany, the COMBINE project strives for this by:

    • Utilization of biomass from extensively used grassland areas and landscape management, which can neither be used in animal feeding nor in conventional energetic conversion technologies
    • Creating new energy supply chains from biomasses in the project regions and beyond
    • Securing livelihood for small farmers and disadvantaged persons in retreated areas through the creation of new income sources and regional added values with renewable energy production
    • Contribution to reducing the conflict between bio-energy and food production by exploring and utilisation of new raw materials.
    • Production of a storable solid fuel with a highly energy-efficient process
    • Increasing the efficiency of biomass supply chains, through the addition of a year-round heat sink in distributed biogas or AD plants and by new harvesting and conditioning techniques.

In France, focus will be put on harvesting and conditionning techniques for roadsides verges grass. The impact of season, weather conditions, type of road and other parameters will be studied.

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