Sites expérimentaux

100 hectares of willow have been planted in western France to test different applications:

  • fertigation with pre-treated waste wate
  • sewage sludges spraying
  • protection of the catchment area for drinking water
  • other application methods.


Monitoring the purification effect of willow

Experimental equipment is located at each of the plantations with the aim of identifying the effect of the volume of sludge or effluent applied on biomass production and on the environment. This involves : - sludges or effluents characterising, - agronomic studies, - changes in water quality measurement, - biomass export of the nutrients applied.

Validating the environmental impact of the system

For every type of application, the following elements are studied and analyzed: - Impact of the crop and the type of application on the quality of grounds and water; considering the results of the experimental follow-up on each site. - Impact on the fauna and the flora: biodiversity, risk of hybridization; - Impact of the crop on the landscapes; - Energy balance of the willow crop and greenhouse gas balance.