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Découverte des Ttcr

15 élus ont assisté à la journée « Découverte des Ttcr » dans le Calvados organisée par le Pays du Bessin au Virois, la Chambre d’Agriculture du Calvados, lors de laquelle Jacques Bernard a présenté la culture des Ttcr. Lire la suite…

Échanges européens autour du roseau

On April, 2012 the 18th, 12 stakeholders of Cofreen project ( came from Finland, Estonia and Latvia to share experiences about Green Pellets results, and particularly on reed energy use. They also visited Coopédom site.

Formation réglage de chaudières bois

In December 2011, 4 training modules were organised to transfer the results on combustion tests and recommendations to farmers and network advisers (boilers installers…). They were organised around a boiler and include a demonstration of effective combustion and atmospheric emission improvements allowed using a combustion gas analyzer.

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Green Pellets à Bruxelles

About 40 people from 14 different countries attended the 14 december workshop. It was held to discuss the state of development of perennial crops and to debate on how to include the bioenergy part within the new CAP reform. The workshop was organised by Aebiom within GreenPellets project, supported by LIFE + programme. More information

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Deux débat publics sur l’aménagement du territoire

On 19 October, the Brière natural park and AILE organised a public debate on reed uses for heating. The General Council 44 and CARENE presented the local challenges investigated, the Brière natural park raised the environmental issues linked with reed bed maintenance and Aile talked about reed uses for heating, based on the Green pellets results.

On 12 October, the General Council 22 and AILE organised a public event, with a round-table debate on residues from maintenance of open spaces and two workshops on heaths and Green Lane maintenance.


Colloque final Green Pellets


The conference "The development of agrofuels industries, Opportunities and Limits" organized by AILE has just completed the project Life + Green Pellets (2009/2011). 140 people gathered for the presentation of project results on September 23 near Rennes.

Coopedom visit
70 people participated in the visit of the Coopedom drying cooperative, organised within the Green Pellet final conference. It shows the granulation unit, the biomass oven, an exposition of the biofuels produced within Green Pellets project and an exhibition on mutifuel boilers.

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